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Farneta wood grows within the Pollino National Park, in Basilicata, namely in the Province of Potenza. Basilicata is a region rich in sites of community interest (S.I.C.) and of significant environmental interest acknowledged by the European Community Directives.

The protected natural areas of Basilicata cover about 30% of the entire region; that’s why it has got the second-highest percentage of protected areas in Italy, with two national parks (Pollino and Val d’Agri), two regional parks and six nature reserves

Farneta wood, in the Sarmento Valley, covers an area of 735 acres and is the largest and most important collection of monumental Italian oaks Quercus frainetto – trees that belong to the family of fagaceae. These majestic plants feature huge rounded foliage that can grow up to 99 ft.
In the right season, this forest grows thick with excellent mushrooms for the typical gastronomic treats of this region.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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