Terra d’Otranto PDO Olive Oil

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A P.D.O. (protected denomination of origin) product of the Apulian region, “Terra d’Otranto Oil” is produced in Salento, between the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea. The production area includes the entire province of Lecce, part of that of Taranto and part of that of Brindisi.

Generally speaking, “Terra d’Otranto oil” appears green or yellow with a fruity smell and a slightly spicy flavour. It is produced with olives picked from the ground (50%) and collected with the “Abbacchiatura” technique (olive trees beaten by means of a pole) or directly from the plant. After weighing, olives are washed and cold-pressed using traditional or industrial methods.

The original product has many labels, according to the variety of olives used. The main ones are:

Ogliarola di Lecce: it has a dense, unripe and bitter flavour, typical of Ogliarola olives, which grow on centuries-old trees;

Cellina di Nardò: with a sweet and mainly fruity flavour;

Leccino: grown on small and young trees, these olives produce an oil with a strong and slightly spicy flavour.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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