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Renon, located near Bolzano, on the plateau of the same name, includes the hamlets of Collalbo, Soprabolzano, Longostagno, Vanga, Auna di Sotto, and Auna di Sopra.
It is universally acknowledged as a wonderful mountain area and is connected to the capital city of Trentino by a long cableway. An electric train runs from Collalbo to Maria Assunta and offers tourists and visitors a wonderful view of the surrounding nature.

The true peculiarity of the Renon Plateau is its open position on and its breath-taking landscape: grassy and wooded slopes typical of the Isarco and Adige valleys, overlooked by the majestic Dolomite peaks with centuries-old glaciers.

It’s a popular destination for families, as well as for mountain enthusiasts, thanks to a wide offer of activities available for everyone. Inside this area, there are easy paths as well as a particularly significant attraction such as the earth pyramids: geological formations dominated by a boulder, created by the erosion of atmospheric factors. The formation of the long vertical columns also known as “pyramids” and the very boulder placed at their end, is called the “hat” and dates back to the Ice Age.

The Renon cable car service, opened in 2009, connects the plateau from the city of Bolzano in only 12 minutes. Cable cars leave every 4 minutes and it’s possible to ride them with bicycles and strollers. A single ticket costs 6 Euros, while a day return one comes for 10 Euros.

During the Christmas period, a nice market called “Trenatale” is held inside some decorated coaches of the train, offering typical South Tyrolean products.

Last but not least, the small Costalovara Lake can be reached at some 3.858 ft of altitude: it’s an evocative destination both in the summer and in the winter – during the cold months, in fact, the water freezes and the lake turns into the perfect natural skating rink.

The quaint Plattnerhof farm, home to the Bee Museum, is also worth visiting while in this area. It offers an educational path dedicated to those industrious insects.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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