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Villa Redenta is located north of Spoleto. It was built by the noble Martorelli family from Spoleto in 1500, on the remains of a Roman settlement. The building features a main body flanked by two corner towers, and was partially modified in 1700, when it was bought by the Locatellis, to make it worthy of Popes Pius VI and Pius VII.

In 1823, the property was acquired by Francesco Marignoli, then by Pope Leo II, and in 1885 it returned to the Marignoli, hence the name of “Redenta” (“Redeemed”).

The interior of the villa is decorated with XVI, XVIII and XIX century frescoes, including religious themes, landscape and mythological subjects. Around the building, there is a chapel, a Rococo-style coffee house, the guesthouse, and the stables.

The villa overlooks a large garden, which develops around the axis that connects the hunting hut to the main residence. The neoclassical first portion of the garden houses several architectural elements, including an obelisk and a small temple. In the second portion, the naturalistic style prevails, with large centuries-old trees (native and exotic ones), for a total of over 900 species, including a Magnolia grandiflora, a 62-ft tall Cedrus libani, and a holm oak (Quercus ilex), which has now grown over 82 ft.

Inside the villa, there is the delightful “Ostello Villa Redenta” resort.
(tel. +39 0743 224936, cell. +39 3478924187)

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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