Acer of Monte Soro

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Acer pseudoplatanus L. (Aceraceae)

This superb specimen, approximately 500 years old, is 78.7-ft tall and features a maximum trunk circumference of 30.5 ft, with 65.6 × 62.3-ft wide foliage.

The stem is covered with moss and lichens, appearing gnarled and irregular, especially in the initial section, due to the presence of various swellings (bacterial hyperplasia). A large cavity opens up in the basal part of the trunk, on the side of the tree facing north-west. The first branches, developing on a horizontal trend, start at 26 ft above the ground. The crown, mainly conical, is most prominent on the north-west side. The tree appears in good vegetative and phytosanitary conditions, although it features some broken branches.

How to reach it:

Take the SS 289 road to Cesarò, then follow the signs to Portella Maschio Morta.

Mountain maple botanical details

This type of acer is a tree native to Europe and the Caucasus and belongs to the Aceraceae family.

It’s a sciaphilous plant that prefers fresh and deep soils, while it appears quite sensitive to water stagnation and dryness. In Italy, it is usually found in the wild, on the mountains, and in mixed beech woods up to 5.900 ft of altitude. Its wood is highly appreciated in craftsmanship, especially in the lutherie sector. In the past, the lymph for making an alcoholic drink was extracted from the bark. When consumed fresh, its sap has a high concentration of vitamin C.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Monte Soro, Cesarò(ME)

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