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Contursi Terme is a city located on a promontory in the centre of the valleys Sele-Tanagro and Alburni, in the province of Salerno. Its thermal waters are a natural richness of the territory and come from the slopes of Monte di Pruno, a prehistoric volcano. They flow directly from river Sele and they are fifteen, distinguished in three groups depending on their composition: saltiness-bromine-iodine, sulphur and bicarbonate-alkaline. Each of them presents a therapeutic peculiarity such us Bagni’s spring, which flows at 40°C and it is considered the richest carbonic acid containing water of all Europe.

The springs (Pruno Sottano, Sant’Antonio, Radium, Cantani, Sant’Antonio al Monte, Don Carlo, Lauro, Ferrata I and II, Volpacchio and Acetosella), are used for mud bathing, mudding, inhaling and irrigating to treat rheumatic-epidermal-gynaecological diseases, dyspepsia and gastritis. The muds, which are used for therapeutic and cosmetic reasons, flow with the waters and decant at the bottom of specific basins, before being used. Spa Centres have been present since the end of 1800 and the ones of Contursi have been continuously developed till 1980, when Irpinia’s earthquake destroyed the majority of the buildings. The Spa centre has been modernised and upgraded thanks to the reconstruction and all the operating structures have now as partners the National Health Service.

What to visit
Borgo of Contursi Terme
Monte Pruno (to go hiking and making a pic nic)
Grotta del Rosario, because of the rock sculpture next to Tanagro river
Shores of river Sele, strolling and making a pic nic

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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