Adda Nord Park

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The stretch of river that is part of the Adda Nord Regional Park reaches the municipalities of the Province of Lecco, Milan, and Bergamo. The total area of the park (at the time of its creation) measured 14.000 acres. The territory develops on different elevations between 328 and 853 ft.

At the end of the bridge in Lecco, the water level reaches 652 ft. above sea level. The territory is partly subject to environmental protection and conservation laws, passed before the very park management and preservation policy.

After the great ice ages, the different climate has allowed the formation of vast and large forests on the hills, which also extended to the Po River valley. The large woods, which used to be extremely thick all over the river landscape, were then dramatically scaled down by human settlements went on expanding along with the development of agricultural and industrial activities.
Still, there are many huge uncontaminated areas, like the reed wetlands of “Isola della Torre”, and “Isolone del Serraglio”, surrounded by meadows and tall trees: black alders, plantains, poplars, birches, willows, oaks. Along the shores north of Trezzo d’Adda, there are also black poplars, locust trees, white willows, black alders, and oaks.

In addition to the tall forest, large areas are covered with typical essences of the coppice and the undergrowth: hornbeam, chestnut, dogwood, hazel, and locust. Among the marsh vegetation, visitors can admire the most beautiful water flowers like delicate water lilies, yellow wild lilies, lilies of the valley, and several families of the garden speedwell.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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