Adelasia Nature Reserve

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The Adelasia Nature Reserve is in the territory of Ferrania – municipality of Cairo Montenotte – namely, in the Rio Ferranietta Valley, better known to locals as the “Valle dei Casotti”. It has stayed unchanged over the centuries and used to be a single large fiefdom, ruled by several lords, but always managed with people and nature living in perfect harmony.
The history of this place actually starts with the legendary tale of Aleramo and his wife Adelasia. They came to this place and painstakingly strived, along with their descendants, to exploit its resources while always making the land fertile and productive.
“Valle dei Casotti” is now almost entirely in the public domain and so the Adelasia Regional Nature Reserve has been established on its territory. The reserve stretches over more than 3.000 acres in the upper, wildest part of the Rio Ferranietta basin. It features woods of various tree species, wetlands, karst areas with caves of considerable appeal, natural springs with crystal-clear clear streams, pastures, abundant flora and fauna.
Everything is very well preserved and protected in this wild and pristine area.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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