Agricola & Co Farm and Botanical Park

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The Agricola & Co. farm produces blond and red oranges, tangerines, lemons, olive oil and honey, using “integrated” production techniques and respecting the environment; the fertilization process, for instance, has always been based on natural yield conservation criteria.

Not to mention the very limited use of chemical additives, in order to guarantee safe and healthy products to consumers. This facility has also set up its operations withing a 100% natural environment, thus allowing spontaneous flora and fauna to thrive, while thoroughly respecting this Mediterranean climate area. The soil quality is constantly monitored, as well as the very agro-ecosystem and its priceless biodiversity.

National and European community regulations are fully “integrated” in this farm production. Agricola & Co. also takes care of collection, packaging and transportation of its products to the final consumers.

This company is also a member of “Gusto di Campagna” (“Country Taste”) Association, which has been promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability of Sicilian agriculture for years. All the members of this association strictly adhere to “organic”, “biodynamic”, and “integrated” cultivation techniques.

“CasAgricola”, or “Casa del Pero”, is the farm stay facility owned and managed by Agricola & Co. The structure was actually built in 1881, as one of the old country manor houses in Sicily but it has been recently renovated: today, it still retains its original appearance, while the old warehouses have been converted into comfortable guesthouses.

Annexed to the company, there’s a large 81-acre Botanical Park, where visitors and farm stay guests can enjoy leisure walks, sports, agricultural, gardening, and artistic activities; they can also collect aromatic herbs, wild vegetables, and beautiful flowers.

The park is also open to groups (min. 15 people) and schools. In this case, visits should be booked in advance by telephone or e-mail.

Private functions, luncheons and many kinds of events can be organized and hosted in the park.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Contrada Pero - 95042 Grammichele (CT)(CT)

+39 3385080646 ; + 39 3475942535 ; +33 698532129


Altre info

Biglietti d'ingresso al Parco botanico (acquistabili sul posto) Euro 8,00 adulti, 4,00 bambini da 8 a 12 anni, gratuito bambini fino a 8 anni

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