Albero dei Piccioni (Pigeon Tree)

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Platanus orientalis (Platanaceae)

A few meters from the road, this majestic plane tree about 500 years-old is undoubtedly one of its kind. Its trunk, which measures 28.5 ft in circumference, features three openings – widest one allows access to the trunk cavity, being about 3.2-ft wide and at least 6.5-ft high.

This extraordinary monumental tree probably owes its name (“Piccioni” – “Pigeons”) to Piccione Parisani, the owner of the property where this plant grows. On the other hand, according to a popular legend, it comes from Giovanni Piccione: a commander of the Papal Auxiliaries Forces who, in 1849, hid inside this tree to ambush the enemies.

The particular structure of the tree trunk has most certainly fed the imagination of the inhabitants of the area over the centuries – they’ve often come up with many other legends and mysteries about this great plane tree.

How to get there:

The monumental tree is located about 2 miles from Ascoli Piceno, on Via Salaria which leads to Rome.

Botanical sheet of the oriental plane tree:

This species is native to the eastern Mediterranean, western Asia, and Afghanistan.
In Italy, it spontaneously grows in Sicily and the southern part of the peninsula.

The oriental plane tree is a heliophilic species, it prefers fresh, fertile soils of alluvial origin.

It is mainly used as decoration for roads and avenues, as it comes with a very strong and large taproot capable of firmly supporting the whole plant.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


63100 Ascoli Piceno(AP)

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