Alessandrina Ravizza Park

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This is the first public park in Milan, stretching along what is now the external ring road, built between 1903 and 1905 on the former Camporicco farmhouse; the park was designed by the architect Francesco Tettamanzi, while it had already been included in the 1889 town plan.
In the past century, public housing flourished in this very area, thus eventually needing a gathering and relaxation area under the shade of the trees.
In 1940, it thus became also a daytime meeting place for the students of the nearby Bocconi University.

The park is dedicated to Alessandrina Ravizza, a local philanthropist and a suffragette who founded a professional school for women in the early XX century.

The surface is about 15-acre wide, with a rectangular crossed by symmetrical avenues embellished with tall trees such as boxelder maples, trees of heaven, deodar cedars, plane trees, various species of oaks, sophoras, lindens, black poplars, nettle trees, hornbeams, and elms.

Among the main tree species, visitors can find the boxelder maple (Acer negundo), field maple (Acer campestre), Norways maple (Acer platanoides), sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus), silver maple (Acer saccharinum), tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera), Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum), Persian silk tree (Albizia julibrissin), silver birch (Betula pendula), nettle trees (Celtis australis), Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica), deodar cedar (Cedrus deodara), mulberry (Morus alba), maidenhair tree (Ginkgo biloba), horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), empress tree (Paulownia tomentosa), pines (Pinus nigra and P. wallichiana), black poplars (Populus nigra “Italica”), northern red oak (Quercus rubra), honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), London planes (Platanus x acerifolia and P. occidentalis), sophora (Sophora japonica), and lime (Tilia hybrida).

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Viale Toscana - 20136 Milano(MI)

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