Altesino Farm

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Established in 1972, Altesino farm covers an area of 173 acres, surrounding the XV century Palazzo Altesi, built by the noble Tuscan family of the Tricerchi, on the eastern hills of the Montalcino area; right there, wine ageing cellars and vinification areas are abundant.

The farm is in the heart of southern Tuscany, far from the crowded communication arteries and large industrial centres. Montalcino, a true example of cultural-heritage landscape, is where an intact and largely wild countryside has been preserved throughout the centuries – in 2004, UNESCO acknowledged it as a World Heritage Site along with its rich and excellent wine production.

In those places, man has always wisely built a profitable and highly respectful relationship with Mother Nature, preserving all the magic of a place that is still almost pristine and untouched.

The landscape still features the gentle hills on whose slopes, crops, vineyards, mixed hedges, wooded strips, and traditional cypresses (Cupressus sempervirens) thrive in complete harmony. Interrupting such wondrous series of natural elements, there are only the dusty ocher roads winding around the hills.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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