Althea Vivai Nurseries

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Althea Nurseries can be found around Como and were established by agronomist Claudio Furlanis and his wife Anna, after many years of painstaking research. They now offer some 50 collections of mostly upright and spectacular flowers like common, British, Oriental and custom hybrids, and cultivated varieties.

Custom creations include “Peach Picotee”, “White Spotted”, “Purple Spotted”, and “Dark” specimens, originating from the Helleborus mulfidus hercegovinus: they can grow 15 inch-tall and feature light and finely engraved leaves along with small flowers of different colors.

Photo taken from the Internet

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Montecastello 37/b - 22070 Capiago Intimiamo (CO)()

cell. +39 333 4877184

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dal primo fine settimana di febbraio all'ultimo di marzo, tutti i giorni

Dalle 9 alle 12 e dalle 14,30 alle 18.

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