Area marina protetta- parco sommerso di Gaiola

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It has been established in 2002 and was named after the two islets near the coast of Posillipo, in the North-Western section of the Gulf of Naples. The surface is of 40 hectares and it extends from Borgo di Marechiaro till the bay of Trentaremi enclosing the rocky basin of Cavallara. Its particular shape is caused by the fusion of biological, vulcanic and historical-archaeological aspects, since it has rocky crags and high cliffs of Yellow Neapolitan Tuff, which is part of the flegreo-volcanic system and it is subjected to volcanic activity still today, whose manifestations are underwater fumarole. The beauty of the places and of the landscape caused the Patricians to build their villas here from the I century a.C., the most important of them was Pausilypon, which was built by Publio Vedio Pollione during the I century a.C.. The remainings of sea villas, majestic tuff caves, docks, nymphaeum and fish pools, which are visible along the coast above and below the sea. The complexity of the seabed morphology and the favourable circulation of sea currents allowed the settlement of a rich and varied biological community. Itineraries with ferries, sailing boats, snorkeling, immersions and also on land, which give the possibility to visit the suggestive cave of Seiano (a tunnel of Roman times with a length of 700 m, which encloses part of the ruins of villa Pausilypon)  are offered in the area of the park.
The new Centre of Scientific Research of the park is composed of a hall, a conference room, a small educational museum, a Mediterranean aquarium, a dressing room for diving activities and a scientific laboratory used to monitor the biological activities of the Protected Marine Area. Also, the outdoor spaces are part of the building; they have been reclaimed and transformed into a Mediterranean botanical garden of aid to educational activities.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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