Area marina protetta Punta Campanella

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The natural marine protected area Punta Campanella is a marine reserve, which was established in 1997 and it includes a surface of 1500 hectares of sea, between the municipalities of Massa Lubrense and of Positano. The reserve protects about 40 km of coast and it is dominated by the San Costanzo Mountain, which is part of the Monti Lattari chain. The tower of Minerva is located on the promontory and Roberto of Anjou had it built in 1335, but it was reconstructed in 1566 with a bell used to raise the alarm: because of this it is called Punta Campanella. The coast is characterised by calcareous walls which are both steep and uneven especially on the Southern side, while they descend slowly towards the sea and are covered by pyroclastic materials. Numerous bays and ravines created by erosive actions are a magnificent natural attraction. Even though the 20 Km2 of the Lubense territory are surrounded by the sea, they are marked by a dense net of paths, which retraces the ones of 2000 years ago. Some of these ways have been transformed into roads, while others are still paths and mule tracks, which cross archaeological remains of religious buildings or coastal towers.

The typical vegetation of garrigue is present in the vicinities of the sea. It includes dwarf shrubs which are not so thickened. The rocks are nearly barren and are inhabited exclusively by species resilient to saltiness and winds, such as Chrithmum maritimum and the rare Limonium johannis. As tourists get away from the sea, they can spot Lotus cytisoides and Daucus gummifer on rocky spurs. Whereas, Silene vulgaris and Reichardia picroides are present in the areas with more topsoil.
Some of the most spread plants of the area are Lobularia maritima, with its characteristic honey scent, Chamaerops humilis, located on overhanging walls, and various speces typical of the Mediterranean scrub.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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