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A unique contemporary art park has been recently opened in the historic villa of Verzegnis. It’s an interesting facility which celebrates man and nature living together in perfect harmony.
The founder is Egidio Marzona, a German art collector born in Verzegnis who has often hosted international artists in Carnia, offering them part of his estate to create and exhibit their large-scale works of art.

Mario Merz, Sol Lewitt, Bruce Nauman, Richard Long, Dan Graham, Lawrence Weiner, Giuseppe Penone and many others have thus left their acclaimed masterpieces in the lawn located in the centre of the hamlet and in some neighbouring spaces. As true heralds of “Land Art” and Minimalism trends, they’ve been able to escape the isolation of any usual art museum, working and exhibiting outdoor in public areas. Thus, their unique creations can actually blend and communicate with the surrounding environment and the beautiful landscapes.
A sheer geometric style has perfectly blended with local materials, resulting in unmissable and eye-catching exhibits magically merged with the landscape.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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