Aymavilles Castle

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Aymavilles Castle was built on a morainic hill that slopes down towards the Dora River.
In the XIII century, it merely featured a single tower, but today it includes four different corner towers with a circular plan fitted with slitted battlements made of tuff and travertine.

The castle was surrounded by a double wall with a moat and a drawbridge. A semicircular building for residential use was built in front of the south-east tower. A system of galleries and loggias still connects the XIV century towers. The entrance to the castle appears as a double staircase that leads to a loggia, surmounted by a balcony. After the renovations carried out in the 1700s, the castle appeared as a Rococo style building.

Originally, it was owned by the De Amavilla family, but in the second half of the XIV century it was acquired by the Challant family, who transformed it in its current appearance.
In 1870, the fortress was sold to Count Clemente Asinai Verasis from Castiglione and in 1882, it became a property of Senator Bombrini; in the attics of the castle, the latter found two panels representing a Madonna and the Archangel Gabriel.
In 1970, the regional administration bought the castle and started new restoration works.
Several further activities have been carried out since 2013, including a museum project to house the collection of the Académie de St-Anselme. A new iron staircase and a glazed circular lift will soon allow access to all the floors of the castle. The park surrounding the castle has recently been restored as well.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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