Azienda Agricola Dalmonte Samuele

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Samuele Dalmonte is the owner of Dalmonte farm which, as the certification released by the podestà of Faenza proves, was engaged in 1895 in the production of ornamental and fruit plants.

It is possible to discover and buy inside the farm more than 300 ancient or forgotten plant varieties for gardens and for the production of fruits. Nowadays, it is specialised in the selling of fruit trees like apricot-, cherry-, apple-, pear-, peach- and plum trees.

Samuele is carrying on this tradition after four generations and continues cultivating and spreading varieties with ancient names like ‘Bianca di Milano’, ‘Scipiona’, ‘Volpina’, ‘Buco incavato’.

The ancient varieties are suitable for the cultivation in cities, in pots and do not require particular cares, since they are rustic and more resistant than modern varieties. They have a characteristic shape and their fruits are tasty and with an unmistakable scent.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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