Azienda Agricola Giardino Officinale – Giardino Officinale Filippo Torzolini

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A few kilometres away from the Adriatic, in the low hills of the Vomano Valley, in Propezzano di Morro D’Oro, the “Giardino Officianale” farm, owned by Filippo Torzolini and Antonella Cichetti, produces medicinal plants with organic methods. In 1986, Filippo (then a 24-year-old industrial expert, researcher and plant enthusiast – medicinal plants in particular) decided to convert the small family farm into this cultivation. Today, the company, extending over 6 hectares, cultivates medicinal and aromatic plants in the field or in greenhouses  or in pots; endemic varieties of cereals (among which durum wheat ‘Saragolla’ and ‘Granone’), a small vineyard, orchard and olive grove; breeds domestic animals (thus producing manure, used for fertilisation, and soil for herbaceous plants and shrubs in pots). It also includes a demonstrative botanical garden dedicated to educational activities and rural tourism. Since the 1990s it has also become an educational farm for schools; it offers guided tours (by appointment) also in English, educational days about aromatic herbs where you can taste aromatic beverages and try to distil; it is also a farm resort.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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