Bertiolo Oak Tree

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Quercus robur (Fagaceae)

This magnificent oak tree is inside the private garden of Villa Colloredo – Venier in Sterpo (UD).
It is one of the oldest in Italy, with an estimated age of almost 600 years.

The tree grows within the natural environment of the Stella River Springs, rich in wetlands and high biodiversity of plant species.

Its appearance is majestic, with a maximum circumference of 25 ft. It has very long basal branches, up to 111 ft, one of which requires a small brick column support due to its excessive weight.

The phytosanitary conditions of this specimen are quite fair, as the main stem and many of the basal branches are hollow.

This tree is a silent witness of historical events that took place here in past centuries, therefore it may be considered a real natural monument.

How to get there:

From Bertiolo (UD), take the 2.5 Km road to Sterpo. The oak tree can be found inside the private Colloredo – Venier Villa.

Dal paese di Bertiolo (UD) si prosegue per circa 2.5 km fino alla piccola frazione di Sterpo, all’interno della villa privata Colloredo – Venier.

Botanical Card:

This species is distributed throughout most of Europe, reaching southern Scandinavia, the Caucasus, Italy and the Douro river across northern-central Spain and Portugal.

In Italy, it’s quite abundant, but it doesn’t grow in, Campania, Puglia, Sicily and Calabria Regions. Nonetheless, in the latter part of Italy, its total absence has not been confirmed yet.

The English oak is typical of lowland forests, often associated with other broad-leaved trees such as hornbeams, field elms, field maples, narrow-leafed ashes, and black alders.
Unfortunately, those forests have grown smaller and smaller, due to land reclamation and transformation for agriculture.

This species needs a large amount of light and water, in fact, it cannot withstand any water stress. It prefers deep, fertile and fresh soils with sub-acid or sub-alkaline reactions.

Its wood is highly appreciated as it tends not to rot with water; for this reason, it is often used in shipbuilding, home constructions, barrels, furniture and floors. This wood is also a good type of fuel and a source of excellent coal.


This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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