Bonin Dino Winery

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The activity of the Bonin winery began in 1973 with Cesarino Bonin, who was succeeded in 1987 by his son Dino. The company cultivates about 6 acres of vineyards, all located in the municipality of Arnad and planted in rows with the Guyot pruning technique. All the vegetation around is constantly being eliminated, in order to preserve only a one-year-old branch and a small spur, or a portion of the shoot of reduced size, bearing two or three buds.

The sunny and breezy area, blessed by a mild climate, favours the development of numerous types of vines. The annual production is currently set on some 12.000 bottles, with eight qualities of P.D.O. wine, perfectly suitable for meals, aperitifs, and desserts.
The company can be visited all year round, but appointments have to be made by phone, at least one week in advance. The tour of the winery includes the wine cellar and the very vineyards.
Although the winery does not feature a local shop, wine can be purchased on-site following previous telephone arrangements.

The wines produced are: Vallée d’Aoste Muller Thurgau Dop, Vallée d’Aoste Chardonnay Dop, Vallée d’Aoste Petite Arvine Dop, Vallée d’Aoste Pinot Noir vinifié en blanc Dop, Vallée d’Aoste Chardonnay late vendange Dop, Vallée d’Aoste Pinot Noir Dop, Vallée d’Aoste Arnad Montjovet Dop, Vallée d’Aoste Arnad Montjovet Supérieur Dop, and related varieties of “grappa”.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Frazione Ville 40 - 11020 Arnad(AO)

0125 612660

Altre info

Costi della visita a persona: da 4,00 euro a 8,00 euro a seconda del numero di vini e dell’eventuale assaggio di altri prodotti tipici. Numero di visitatori richiesto per effettuare la visita: min 4, max 30.

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