Borbontino Bean

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These particular beans are produced near Comune di Borbona, in the Rieti Province. They look like Borlotto Beans but feature a very thin skin which proves extremely delicate and digestible. To obtain this result, local farmers have always used ancient techniques that require sowing on flat surfaces at an ideal height of about 2.500 ft on sea level. Mechanical tools and fertilizers are still not used. Plants can reach 2 m and develop red-speckled pods – a pattern also found inside, on the kidney-shaped beans. Some 1.5 tons of beans are harvested every year, sowed at the end of May, and ready in October. According to local traditions, sowing begins on May 27th, honoring Saint Restituita.
Preserving seeds for the following year is of utmost importance, as it ensures the very same quality over time.
As a matter of fact, this type of beans has been included in the national list of traditional products and among the typical food varieties of Lazio.
Fancy tasting these beans? Simply go to Bordona, on the third Sunday of October, and enjoy the dedicated festival. The latter it’s one of the very few occasions to do so, as these beans are mainly produced for personal use, while they really should be offered to bigger and bigger markets nationwide.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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