Bramaterra Vineyard

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Bramaterra vineyard, in Lessona (province of Biella), is one of the single-owner vineyards in the area. The original nucleus of a few acres dates back to the late XIX century and was partly planted with Grenache grape.

In the following century, new plants brought the total vineyard area to about 50 acres, located on a wide strip of soft hills, between 885 ft and 1.148 ft above sea level; the soil, of volcanic origin, is dissolved, with an acid reaction, with colours ranging from pale yellow to dark red to brown, depending on its degree of oxidation.

The high concentrations of some minerals cause an increase in the sapidity of the wine and counterbalance its acidity; this is due to the warm climate and rather abundant rainfall, mitigated by the excellent drainage of the soil. The age of the plants is around 45 years on average, while the last planted (used, however, at Orbello and Casteltorto and not at Bramaterra) are about 15 years old.
There is also a plant dating back to 1933. The farming method is in rows, with guyot pruning with 8-10 buds.

In the older vineyards, there is no need to thin out the production in the summer, while in the younger ones it is necessary to remove some bunches to ensure correct and balanced ripening. Fertilization is carried out with natural manure and with mulching along the sub-rows by mowing the grass. Almost all of the activities, from winter pruning to harvesting, are done manually.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via IV novembre 128 - Lessona(BI)

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