Broccoli from Torbole

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Imported from the area around Verona in the middle of the XVIII century, this variety of broccoli (originally cultivated near Torbole and Santa Massenza) has found an ideal habitat that has no equals in the whole Region. Torbole broccoli variety (Brassica oleracea “Botrytis”) has been recently acknowledged as a “Slow Food Presidium”.

Torbole broccoli is protected by the Pelèr, a strong northern wind which prevents the formation of ice and frost: its “flowers” would not be damaged and naturally ripen from early November until late April. The corymb inflorescence is similar to a ball, yellowish in color and called “brocola”; it weighs 0.15 oz. on average and the innermost leaves are edible too.

Appreciated for its sweet and delicate flavor, this variety of broccoli can be enjoyed boiled or raw, served with salted meat, game, pork, and boiled or fried fish.

If left to grow, the plant can get even 3.2-ft tall with abundant yellow flowers.

reaches almost 1 meter in height, filling with yellow flowers. The dark-reddish seeds are sown around the end of June and protected from the summer sun with wet mats.

The seedlings are ready for transplanting after a month when they have 5 or 6 leaves, and they are manually planted in the open fields.

Broccoli grows rapidly and without any special care: they only need regular watering in the first weeks after being transplanted.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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