Cammino del Béodo – Béodo Trail

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“Here is one of Bordighera’s most exciting walks, which every artist cannot forget, an uninterrupted series of many corners in which shape and elegance harmoniously blend” – Charles Garnier –

This is how the historic palm grove of Phoenix dactylifera and Phoenix canariensis is described – a walk along the ancient aqueduct channel (“béodo”), and the “Sasso di Bordighera” stream.
The béodo brought drinking and irrigation water into the city, serving homes, fountains, oil mills, public washhouses, as well as gardens and orchards of the lower city. The path starts just beyond the upper portion of town, goes under a tunnel, and up the valley of the Sasso stream on an old mule track. Eventually, it creeps dry stone wall slopes, among silver wattles (Acacia dealbata), Spanish brooms (Spartium junceum ), olive trees (Olea europaea), succulents plants and palm tree tufts. Along the first stretch, it overlooks the coastline, then turns inland, until reaching the small village of Sasso.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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