Carlo Spegazzini Conservative botanical garden

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The conservative botanical garden dedicated to Carlo Spegazzini, a XX century distinguished botanist from Treviso, covers a municipal area of about 3.7 acres, where over 550 native plants have been planted. The garden stands out both for its conservative character (i.e. with the conservation of native species as its main aim), and for its experimental facilities, aimed at analyzing plants at all stages of development and observing the influence of different environmental factors on their growth.

The most important areas are:

the Plain Wood Hedge – it reproduces the typical environment the Po River Valley before human intervention;

the area of vines and mulberry trees – where the rows of vines (Vitis vinifera) alternate with rows of mulberry trees according to traditional criteria. This was a type of cultivation extremely popular in Veneto until a few decades ago when mulberries were used as support while their leaves would feed silkworms;

the wetland – made up of two small lakes of different sizes and depths which have allowed the development of typical aquatic flora and fauna.

Adjacent to the conservative botanical garden, there is the phenological garden, named after Alessandro Marcello, a Venetian botanical researcher. This garden was designed to house 32 plants belonging to 8 different species, observed in the different phases of their life cycle, including: Salix acutifolia “Willd”, Cornus mas, Sambucus nigra, Salix viminalis, Ligustrum vulgare, Cornus sanguinea, and Robinia pseudoacacia.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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