Cascina Caimera Park and Conca Fallata Park

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There are two neighboring parks located south of the city: the first is a green area between the junctions of the Autostrada dei Fiori and the Alzaia Naviglio Pavese (built to complete the residential complex), while the second was created on the former Binda paper factory.
They are two projects born at different times, but they are now perceived as a single green facility.

Cascina Caimera Park is some 17-acre wide and takes its name from a pre-existing agricultural area. It was built in 2003 and is made of 350 hornbeams that were planted along a horseshoe shape with other tall trees (single species) on the border. The colors of the foliage and the different bearings make all these trees easily identifiable.

Three rows of cypress poplars were planted along the borders of the park facing Pavia – they symbolize the agricultural heritage of this area,

There are also Judas-trees, tulip trees, snowy mespilus, white hornbeams, dogwood, ashes, flowering apple trees, white poplars, cherry trees, oaks, and hybrid lindens.
The park is fitted with a playground for children and a dog area.

The Conca Fallata Park dates back to 2011; it was designed following the redevelopment of the Binda paper factory estate, which had been abandoned in 1997. That very famous company has actually settled down here in 1857, thanks to the presence of the waters of the Naviglio Pavese (with a fall of almost 16 ft in its basin). Around the factory, in 1869, a district of 1000 inhabitants had developed, with houses, a school, a bakery, a doctor and midwife parlor, several warehouses, and a church. New residential buildings were then added to the redevelopment plan for the existing ones.

The garden around the southern and western sides of the residential area offers picnic areas and leisure facilities. Sports can be enjoyed on the northern side.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Don Rodrigo, via Pescarenico, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, via S. Paolino - 20142 Milano(MI)

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