Case Basse farm and Graziella Soldera’s garden

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Case Basse Estate is in the south-west area of Montalcino, in the province of Siena, where Sangiovese Grosso grape is grown – the vineyard which produces the famous Brunello wine.

Those 57 acres are ideal for the cultivation of vines thanks to the hilly terrain of Eocene origin, at an average altitude of 1.050 ft above sea level with a south-west exposure in a quite dry and sunny climate all year round.

Respect for the ecosystem is a vital part of the work done at Case Basse; Gianfranco Soldera and Graziella, the owners, have always done their very best to naturally embed the surrounding environment, as well as some ancient rural structures, in the painstaking and most experienced management of their vineyards. For instance, several artificial nests and beehives have been arranged for the protection of insects and the local microfauna, while ancient olive trees have been recovered, new fruit trees have been planted and a botanical forest, a pond and an artificial lake have been created inside the estate.

Graziella, a true enthusiast of botany and landscape architecture, has created a delightful garden over the years: she collects flowering apple trees and roses (Rosa spp.), in particular the ancient ones, as well several rarities which she has managed to discover overseas, like Rosa noisettiana “La Biche” (it took her more than two years to find this very “forgotten” species).

The garden is divided into themed areas with botanical species with similar needs, such as the “Garden in the Sun”, the “Garden of the Undergrowth”, and the “Garden of White Flowers” – the latter specifically designed for nocturnal pollinators.

The garden is surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub, olive trees and centuries-old oaks.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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