Castelliri Red Garlic

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The red garlic from Castelliri originates from crossbreeding white and pink garlic, extensively used plants in ancient times (Allium sativum species). This type of garlic features an oval-shaped bulb, usually weighing about 60g. The external white skin covers the purple-red innermost one. Bulbous plantations in these areas of Lazio Region have been thriving since ancient times and are now part of local traditions. According to oral and photographic accounts, the red garlic from Castelliri has always been grown in the same way, including mostly clayey soils on which the seedlings are inserted in parallel rows. Sowing is still done manually, between December and January. June is the harvest season. Finally, bulbs are dried and intertwined with manual techniques only. The acrid flavour, the pungent and almost spicy aroma, and the excellent shelf life of the red garlic from Castelliri make it a truly vital ingredient for cooking. In order to protect it from extinction and further promote this very red garlic, the Department of Production Activities have joined forces with a local cooperative: their final aim is to obtain the official D.O.P. (protected denomination of origin) or IGP (Protected Geographic Indications) certification.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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