Castle of the Marquises of Saluzzo

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Castellar Castle was built by the Marquises of Saluzzo in the XIV century, on an ancient stronghold structure. In 1357, it was enlarged and embellished by Azzone di Saluzzo, the progenitor of the Counts of Paesana and Castellar.

Subsequent transformations, starting from the fifteenth century, gave it the appearance of a noble residence, which was further improved with a series of successful restorations – the most recent in 1895-1905, based on a project by Alfredo d’Andrade, a very famous architect, also the author of the medieval village of Valentino, in Turin.

The castle contains several rooms that can be visited, including the gallery on the ground floor, “Sala delle Dame”, decorated with trophies and coats of arms of the families linked by kinship with the Marquises of Saluzzo, and “Sala degli Men”, with the crests of the Saluzzo family on the walls.

On the second floor, there are the Gallery and the Throne Room, which contains paintings attributed to Pittavino da Vernante (who made them between the XVIII and XIX centuries – they portray a deer hunting scene in medieval style), and an important collection of uniforms, weapons, documents and relics of the Italian Royal Army, dating back to Vittorio Emanuele II; there is also an interesting collection of the most beautiful uniforms of the Renaissance period.

Around the castle, on the hill, there is a large park, dominated by the castle; it is full of centuries-old plants, mostly exotic, and fruit trees.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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