Chestnut Tree of Bonfiglio

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Castanea sativa Mill.

The tree is 20 m tall and has a circumference of 7.30 m.

A big, deciduous and enduring chestnut tree, which can live over 500 years. It belongs to the family of the Fagaceae and it hails from south-east- Europe.

It is a slightly thermophilic and eliophilic plant, which can vigorously produce again blossoms and roots, if it is ceduato. The root system is not very deep and prefers loose soils and soils rich in potassium and phosphorus with a slightly acid reaction. In Italy it is present in the piedmont zone of the Alps and in all the mountain area of the Appennines and islands. In Basilicata it is present in the province of Potenza, particularly along the slopes of Mount Vulture.

It is cultivated in order to produce chestnuts and stem wood. From the grinding of the tree’s fruits it is obtained a precious flour, which was an essential element of rural alimentation in the past, thanks to its high calorie content. The chestnut tree is a highly melliferous and pollinifera plant; because of these it is possible to observe apiaries in the chestnut orchards during the flowering period.

The honey obtained is rich in fructose, has a dark coloration, has a bitter aftertaste and it is resistant to crystallization for a long time.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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