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Chiostri dell’Umanitaria

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Società Umanitaria is one of the oldest historical institutions in Milan; it was founded in 1893, thanks to its patron Prospero Moisè Loria from Mantova, who gave the adjective “humanitarian” the true value of tangible assistance, through study, education, and work.

This institution has its headquarters in the heart of Milan, namely in a former Franciscan convent of the XV century, made of four Renaissance cloisters and a former refectory – the Salone degli Affreschi, with priceless frescoed walls.
The four cloisters are divided as follows:

the Cloister of the Pisces
Square planned, with three walkable sides; it features an inner garden with a platform, a small pond, and a centuries-old pendulous beech.

the Cloister of wisteria
A large paved courtyard dating back to the end of the XV century, with arches decorated with wisteria that makes this place unique and exclusive, especially when the flowers bloom.

the Cloister of Memories
A rectangular cloister, with three walkable, covered sides.

the Courtyard of plane trees
A large courtyard, with old plane trees and beautiful green turf.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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