Coe Pass Alpine Botanical Garden

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The Alpine Botanical Garden of Coe Pass, at 5.282 ft on the Folgaria Plateau, was created in a large clearing on the very slopes of Mount Maggio.

Owned by the Municipality of Folgaria, but managed by the Civic Museum of Rovereto, this garden hosts the spontaneous endemic vegetation, the floral species and the typical trees of the alpine environment; its purpose is to favour studies and research while spreading information and knowledge.

That very area is also of remarkable importance from a geological and geomorphological point of view, thanks to the presence of grey limestone formations (“Noriglio” and “Rosso Ammonitico”) and two karstic sinkholes: one has collapsed and the other appears bowl-shaped.


The local flora has been divided according to variegated geomorphological and climatic conditions of its different places of origin: the cliffs, the meadows-pastures, the Norway spruce forest (Picea abies), the vegetation of the sinkholes and scree, the bushes, the mountain pasture pools, and the nitrophilous areas.

Inside the Botanical Garden, there are also several specimens of medicinal, aromatic and poisonous plant species not originally from this area, but which have well-adapted to growing in perfect harmony with the rest of the endemic vegetation.

Finally, in a small area, a typical vegetable garden was created according to centuries-old local traditions.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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