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Colline di Binaia is a farm in Castelvetrano (TP) with about 44 acres planted with olive groves on one of the hills that overlook the Belìce Valley.
It was built by Rocco Parisi Asaro, who still runs it with his four nephews Federico, Giulio, Lorenzo and Francesco (four young relatives who professionally follow in the footsteps of their grandfather). The best extra virgin olive oil is therefore produced in full compliance and synergy with the surrounding nature.

The very high quality of this oil is the result of painstaking cultivation of every single plant; then, there’s also the professional milling of the fabulous “Nocellara del Belìce” olives at mild temperatures (never exceeding 77 F°).

Manual harvesting also preserves all the organoleptic properties, while the biological cultivation pattern and regime (more than 20 years old) safeguard and guarantees the perfect health of the plants. Cold pressing techniques deliver the fruity and tingling flavour of this oil.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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