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For about five centuries, the Counts Zecca have lived in the lands of Laverano, in the heart of Salento, where their family had moved from Naples in the XVI century (like many other Neapolitan nobles attracted by the fertile and productive lands around Lecce).

In 1935, Count Alcibiade Zecca fitted the wine cellar with state-of-the-art winemaking tools and made Laverano one of the most significant shopping centres in Salento.
Today, Alcibiade’s brothers, Francesco, Luciano and Mario skillfully manage all the aspects of the local wine production, with painstaking dedication.

The main objective of the company is to treasure and preserve the priceless features of the fine varieties of native vines while producing excellent wine.

As regards the clonal selection, for instance, this winery combines native varieties such as “Primitivo”, “Malvasia Nera”, and “Malvasia Bianca” with allochthonous grapes harmoniously blended in a final, excellent product.

There are actually four family estates in Cantalupi, Donna Marzia, Saraceno, and Santo Stefano. Each of them contributes to the overall success of the winery with its own agricultural heritage and specific, local know-how.

Counts Zecca has always committed itself to thorough respect and preservation of the land, trying not to disrupt the very fragile balance between man and nature.

The whole winemaking process, as well as the painstaking handling of the grapes and their careful storage in the cellars, are part of the very local tradition, history and agricultural heritage, thus symbolising the true passion for one’s work and real respect for the territory.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Cesarea - Leverano(LE)

0832 925613

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