Cupra Marittima and its flowered balconies

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Cupra Marittima overlooks the Marche Region coast; it’s an ancient Roman city rich in medieval remains. The ancient city settlement can be traced within the archaeological park of the same city, where the remains of a Villa Magna with a nymphaeum are still visible, as well as the area of the Roman forum.

The streets of the town are still surrounded by the ancient medieval walls and are brightened by the flowered balconies that give a unique touch of colour and evocativeness to the whole village.
Cupra Marittima is also known for the production of “Cupra wax” and for the richest and most beautiful collection of shells in the world: in fact, the famous Malacological Museum contains 700.000 specimens from all over the world.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Cupra Marittima(AP)

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