Curly pea of Sannicola

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The Curly Pea of San Nicola comes from a small, thick and compact plant that blooms producing several small cylindrical pods that feature light green and spherical seeds.

In the Apulian tradition, this variety of peas was grown on marginal and stony soils in almost all parts of Salento, especially on the rocky promontories stretching from Alezio, Sannicola and Nardò towards the Ionian Sea. The Apulian proverb “God grows broad beans, while farmers grow peas”, comes from this very easy and casual cultivation.

Until twenty years ago, curly pea trade took place during the spring evenings, in special spaces that allowed the vegetables to be sold right after being picked in the countryside.
Today, curly pea production is very limited.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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