D’Arcudaci Wood – former Scorace Wood

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Bosco D’Arcudaci, formerly known as Bosco di Scorace, is a Site of Community Importance (SIC), thanks to its flora and fauna biodiversity. It can be found in the province of Trapani, among Calatafimini, Segesta, and Buseto Palizzolo. Its name comes from “Arcu d’Aci”, a term originally referring to an Arab farmhouse and then to a barony.

The wood extends for about 1.853 acres on the slopes of Mount Abbatello, with an altitude between 1.312 and 1.968 ft above sea level. From its highest point, visitors can enjoy a splendid panorama encompassing the Egadi Islands and the Sicani Mountains.

Originally, it was exclusively made of cork oaks (Quercus suber), but today only a strip of such important botanical value still remains – many of those wondrous specimens were, in fact, cut during the post-war period. Thanks to the reforestation work of the Forestry Corps, mainly using conifers, new cork oaks and eucalyptus trees, associated with holm oaks, downy oaks, elms and many shrubs (such as strawberry trees, broom, heather and euphorbias, aromatic herbs) were planted in this area. In the wood, namely in the part open to visitors, there are several areas equipped with benches, picnic tables and cooking stations, as well as rides and swings for the children.

There are also large areas with artificial vegetation, featuring stone pines, maritime pines, Aleppo pines, cypresses and eucalyptus.

Not only buzzards, kestrels, great tits, robins, and hoopoes are part of the local fauna, but also rabbits, hares, porcupines, and very dangerous vipers.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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