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This company is in the heart of the Montalcino territory, in the province of Siena, and owes its name to Olga Peluso Centolani, a young winemaker from Naples but Tuscan by adoption. Olga has been involved in creating unique wines for years and in 2000 she started her own business which involves many other women as well.

10 acres of the total 27 are cultivated with Brunello with some 6,500 plants per hectare; “Sangiovese” clones have been planted as well, selected with the help of the most famous Italian and foreign universities. The company’s vineyards overlook the beautiful valley at the foot of Montalcino hill in Maremma and are located on the south-west side of this elevation: the best one for sure, due to its ideal exposure to sunlight. On this very side the oldest and most renowned Brunello wineries are quite abundant as the hill is, in fact, almost completely covered by vineyards with an altitude range of 426 ft.

The vinification and the ageing processes are carried out strictly according to the centuries-old tradition of Montalcino, while never-ending research aims at improving quality, organoleptic features and longevity of the vines.

The local “cru” (the group of vineyards producing wine of excellent quality and character) – Brunello di Montalcino Docg – feature all the aromatic components that come from the unique terroir of this area, and from the skilful work of true professionals.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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