Dried Chestnut

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Dried in small stone huts, called “tecci”, these chestnuts are a centuries-old treat, once extremely popular in the whole Ligurian Apennine arc and in Piedmont valleys. Today, their tradition is well-preserved in Bormida Valley, between the Piedmont, part or Lombardy, and the sea.
Still placed in the traditional “tecci” which stand two or three meters from the ground, the chestnuts are heated and smoked by a ceiling wooden rack, the ”graia”.
The cultivation of chestnuts has been quite common throughout Liguria since the Middle Ages. The chestnuts, mainly belonging to the Gabbina (or Gabbiana) variety, are placed on the half-timbered ceilings of the “tecci”, over a low and constant fire fed by chestnut tree pruning or chaff. Such operation can last up to two months. Chestnuts are often turned and shuffled, to give them uniform exposure to heat and smoke. Eventually, they are thoroughly beaten to eliminate the rind. These dried chestnuts are ready to eat or to be used to prepare biscuits, preserves, creams and ice cream. The largest and most beautiful fruits are traditionally boiled and enjoyed at Christmas.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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