Ecomuseum of Pastoralism

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Located within the territory of the Stura Valley, in the southwestern area of Cuneo, the Ecomuseum of Pastoralism covers five municipalities: Aisone, Demonte, Pietraporzio, Sambuco, and Vinadio. The small alpine village of Pontebernardo, a hamlet of Pietraporzio, located at 4.265 ft above sea level, is the last village in the valley inhabited by a fair number of people dedicated to breeding and pastoralism. Thus, in the centre of the village, an Ecomuseum of Pastoralism was created inside a recently renovated building: such facility is aimed at the recovery of the “Sambucana” sheep breed and the rediscovery of pastoral culture in Stura Valley and in the nearby French Crau (the ancient confluence of the Durance and Rhône, with a vast flat alluvial fan).

The exhibition features a small dairy, where the shepherds prepare the cheese and show their activities to school students – a tasting station will be opened soon, as well as a space dedicated to educational workshops and temporary exhibitions.

The building opposite the museum houses the “ram selection centre”, the “Sambucana” sheep wool store and the permanent museum of sheep farming. The “Sambucana” sheep, also called “Demontina”, is an Italian sheep breed traditionally found in Stura Valley and in lower “Valle del Gesso”, in the province of Cuneo;
It has recently been neglected, due to the preference given to sheep obtained by crossing the Fabrianese and French breeds. The “Sambucana” is a very rustic breed, with a dual purpose (for meat and wool – although the latter is not that important anymore, while its milk is usually reserved for the lambs) and is reared with traditional systems (summer spells on poor alpine pastures and winter sheltering).

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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