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EraOra Ceramica handcrafted ceramic flowers

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Sofia and Andrea Colombo, skilled artisans specialized in ceramics, create ceramic flowers, fruits, berries and leaves, exclusively handmade and inspired by a fairytale-like interpretation of the natural world.

Their exquisite creations include snowdrops, scillas, narcissus, strawberries and wild strawberries, holly berries, daisies, poppies, tulips, cornflowers, asters, bellflowers, peppers, rose hips, four-leaf clovers, little hearts, cherubs and many other adorable subjects, also suitable as most original presents.

They can withstand frost, water and UV rays, so they can also be placed outdoors, on iron stems or hooks. Inside the house, they can be arranged in glasses or vases, hung or worn, and even blend with real plants in their pots. Their different uses are truly numberless.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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