European nettle tree

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Celtis australis L.

This tree is about 65.6-ft tall and has now reached a trunk circumference of about 14.7 ft.

Botanical sheet of the European nettle tree

The European nettle tree, or hackberry, is a large spontaneous tree of belonging to the Ulmaceae family.

It is widespread throughout the Mediterranean belt, in central-western Asia, and in northern Africa. It generally grows from plains to medium-height hills, up to 2.624 ft; it grows sporadically in broad-leaved woods, but also on stony and dry soil rich in calcareous sediments.
Its trunk is usually short and strong, with powerful ribs, especially in its adult age.
The foliage is thick and prominent, almost perfectly rounded. Its wood, flexible and elastic, can be used to make furniture, craft tools and it also burns quite well.

Hackberries are also used to decorate roads and city parks, thanks to its resistance to pollution, even if the root system is very deep and quite aggressive.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)



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