Fausto Noce Park

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Fausto Noce Park, a true green lung of Olbia, covers more than 44 acres in the very heart of the city: a place particularly appreciated by residents and visitors.

The park has four entrances and is also served by the city public transport. This green facility is monitored day and night. It is open from 9:00 to 20:00 in the winter, and until 22:00 in the summer.

Officially opened on 30 July 2004, it was built mainly thanks to an intuition about reclaiming a rough area and turning it into the pulsating green heart of Olbia.

The park features many species of the Mediterranean flora and is decorated with benches, paths, leisure facilities (tennis courts, a soccer field, a sports hall, a small amphitheater, and a bowling alley), but most of all, four beautiful fountains and two small paths that run along its borders.

Fausto Noce Park is therefore the favorite destination of families and sports enthusiasts, although pets are not allowed inside the premises.

Official events and concerts are often held in the amphitheater. It is also possible to enjoy some refreshments at the bar near the sports facilities.

All the plants in the park belong to the Mediterranean tradition: oaks, olive trees, carob trees, strawberry trees, and even some rare and exotic species.

The park is constantly changing, according to some ongoing projects by the current administration: the bridges that connect it to the rest of the city are increasing in number, while a further 40-acre expansion should be finalized soon, thus including an adjacent forest depot.

Photo source: https://www.galluraoggi.it/olbia/parco-fausto-noce-chiuso-forte-vento-17-gennaio-2018/

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


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