Ferrari Winery

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This winery was born from Giulio Ferrari’s dream about a new Italian wine inspired by the best Champagne from France. As a skilled and thorough winemaker, trained at the Montpellier School of Viticulture, he founded Ferrari Winery in 1902.
In 1952, Bruno Lunelli, the owner of the most famous wine cellar in Trento, took the company over and thanks to meticulous work combined with a winning entrepreneur spirit, he managed to considerably boost the production. Today, the brand and its family tradition are kept thriving by the third generation of winemakers; the company follows only the classic winemaking technique and under Bruno’s children’s guidance it has reached international notoriety.

To achieve excellence and guarantee high production levels, only TRENTODOC-certified grapes are chosen – they come from the vineyards on the high hills of this Region.
That very area never ceases to surprise and fascinate for its variety of contrasting landscapes, colors, different temperatures, and shades; in particular, the peculiar temperature range facilitates the formation of the unmistakable scents and fragrances found in the grapes.

What makes those vines truly unique is the loving care with which they’re made; each row and every single vineyard are painstakingly monitored and managed to bring only the best grapes to ripeness. In addition, there are the most unique environmental and climatic features of Trentino: the soil, rich in minerals, the warm sun during the day, the coolness of the evening hours, the dew, and the regular breezes.

It’s thus easy to imagine how the vineyards may look like a well-kept garden rather than traditional grape cultivation, in which the Vitis vinifera L literally thrives.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Ponte di Ravina, 15

0461 972311

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