Fiume Tirino, escursioni in canoa

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The Tirino River flows for 25 km within the Gran Sasso National Park, in the province of Pescara (Abruzzo), among dense woods; in Europe, it is renowned for its clear and clean water.

Il Bosso is a cooperative established in the small village of Bussi sul Tirino; it unites responsible tourism and environmental education, promoting many summer activities, among which the canoeing excursion to the spring of River Tirino.

Stating in San Martino (municipality of Capestrano, AQ), it goes upstream until the spring of Capo d’Acqua, aboard Canadian canoes with two expert guides to discover the history and traditions of this green and wild area of Abruzzo. At the end of the excursion, the tourists are invited to plunge into the crystal-clear water but also to drink it and to taste the typical grass that grows underwater: skirret. The excursion closes celebrating the sounds of nature: returning in silence transported by the current and concentrated on hearing songs and rustling.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Il Bosso società cooperativa, via Antonio Gramsci - 65022 Bussi sul Tirino, Pescara()

085 980 8009

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