Franca Rame Garden

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This L-shaped green space can be found in the Precotto district, with the entrance on via Tremelloni, Ugo Tognazzi e Vittorio Gassman. It was build in 2016 and dedicated to the Italian actress Franca Rame. It currently stretches over some 12 acres but planned to get double its size in the near future.

600 trees were originally planted in this garden which is open to the public as a gathering and relaxation facility. Francesco Giorgetta designed it with several areas dedicated to the elders and the children, a pergola, bowling alleys, a basketball court and a refreshment kiosk. Pre-birth gym classes are also organized there.

Three other small public gardens can be found in the same area: Di Cataldo garden, the one on Via Anassagora, and that of Maddalena. Franca Rame garden is still missing a complete bicycle track and a public transport stop.

In the garden, there are several flowerbeds with herbaceous and perennial shrubs which offer their eye-catching blooming and beautiful colours at different times of the year. There are many trees, including the most common in urban areas, as well as some lesser-known and rare species.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Roberto Tremelloni, 38 - 20128 Milano(MI)

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