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Franz Haas winery was founded in 1880, and since that year the tradition and passion for wine has been handed down from generation to generation, up to the current owner and manager, the very Franz Haas.

The winery is located in Montagna, a small town in the province of Bolzano on the orographic left of the Adige River, and it thrives on a 123-acre vineyard organized in several plots in Montagna, Egna, and Aldino – those territories benefit from the best sun exposure and the most ideal type of soil; they’re all set on a slope of Mount Cislon, surrounded by unspoiled nature and protected within Mount Corno Natural Park and Castelvetere Biotope.
The vineyards grow at different altitudes, between 787 and 3.772 ft – they actually reach the highest peak for grape cultivation in South Tyrol.

The vineyards can thus enjoy many different types of microclimate, as well as soils with different compositions, including sandy, porphyritic, and clayey ground with a high content of limestone.

The company has always paid particular attention to the protection of the surrounding territory and its natural environment; to achieve this goal, the use of chemicals has always been strictly limited. There’s grass between the rows and that translates into careful and painstaking management of those facilities, to not only respect the natural environment but also prevent hydrogeological instability phenomena.

In addition, that very grass among the vines boosts pollinating, as well as the reproduction and dissemination of spontaneous and native species of insects and flowers in need of thorough protection.

Franz Haas is a passionate lover of the most challenging and sensitive grape to grow, such as “Pinot Noir”, offered in its “Schweizer” variety, hardly ever available on the market.

Franz Haas works with the local artist Riccardo Schweizer, who has created several artistic labels for his wines; the first one was that of the above mentioned “Pinot Nero Schweizer”, produced for the first time in 1987 and eventually marketed in 1900.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Villa 6 - Montagna (BZ)(BZ)

471 812280

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