Garden of via S. Agnese

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This small and quaint public garden is always open to the public and full of significance: a sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro reminds us of the victims of road crashes, while a plaque is dedicated to a boy who used to love this very place and hang out with his friends right here but unfortunately died in an accident.

The garden can be found between via Nirone and via S. Agnese, very well served by public transport; it is officially known as “Aristide Calderini garden”, and also includes the remains of the XV century villa of the Corio family, which was destroyed during the Second World War and never rebuilt. The ruins of the building are now covered with creepers which make this space an elegant oasis frozen in time.

Photo source:
Twitter – Milanoguida

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Sant'Agnese - 20123 Milano(MI)

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