Garden of via Terraggio

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A secret garden and for this very reason… always a fascinating one!
It dates back to the mid-XV century, built where a house of Ludovico il Moro once stood; he then donated it to Lorenzo the Magnificent and for this reason, it is still called the “Medici House”.

The garden can be reached through the door on Via Terraggio 4, which gives access to an enchanting green courtyard surrounded by some buildings. Over the centuries, the house was transformed first into a monastery, then into a barracks and was finally purchased by the Municipality of Milan. The latter, opened this place to the public in 2001, offering this beautiful garden to the whole community.

Among the plants, there are wisteria, acanthus, loquats from Japan, fig and plum species.

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This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)


Via Terraggio, 5 - 20123 Milano(MI)

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